Are Australians being nice to you?

You guys have had a couple of weeks in Australia now … and I wonder are Australians being nice to you?

Melbourne shopping. Picture by etcname

Maybe you could make my fellow Australians think more about how they welcome visitors. Australians like blogging so that’s the way to set them straight.

What about:

  • Have you had good service in shops and cafes?
  • Is Melbourne an easy place to get around on public transport?
  • If you have asked for directions, have people helped you?
  • Can you get the food you like?

Maybe you can let the people at the Melbourne Visitors Bureau know what you think (see the feedback button at the bottom of the page).

And tell me too ….

3 thoughts on “Are Australians being nice to you?

  1. dorahgawi

    Coming from the Pacific, you could say we are a little laid back and more accepting about others. A smile goes along way, but you hardly get any emotion on the streets of Melbourne.

    Is seems everybody is rushing some place each day, and “strolling” just holds everyone up, especially at the crossings.

    Service at cafes and shops is a front most people try to put on i believe and is not genuine, just making a dollar is the aim and being generous or kind is not something that people think about, sometimes it feels like there are robots at the checkout counter, because they keep repeating the same question.

    I believe being alot sincere in ones approach is vital and SMILE…

  2. jtoposona

    This is first trip overseas while Melbourne is definitely a place that I will go a long way in my career as a journalist. Well the friendly hosts at the shop fronts is an allure to making a dollar for most visitors to this historic part Australia. Getting around the city was difficult at first but am finally getting used to trams, buses and my favourite that is walking. Food is cheap and great especially in the city central as well as Victoria Market which have good bargains and deals from food to other items. Directions, yes people we very helpful when I first arrived in Sydney. The kind of food well, there is so much to choose from with restraunts from all sorts you name, Chinese, Italian, Australian and the list goes on. This is the best stay that I have had for a first-timer. Will have fond memories of Melbourne.

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