The importance of blogs to Timor Leste as a new nation

image by steve garfield

As Timor Leste is a relatively new nation, all information on development should be brought to attention. Information such as acquiring information from geographic locations or political conditions, to economy is available from the technological world, such as TV, radio, online newsletter and many others.

one of the technology advancement that played a significant role in imparting information to fellow people in Timor Leste and even others globally, is none other than Temposemanal. This blog brings encouragement to other blogs to act as an instrument and a bridge in spreading a development and economic dynamics of Timor Leste after independence from the Indonesian government.

at the moment, we can say that blogging is quite rare in Timor Leste. with the introduction o wordpress, an important pillar for us as journalist to be able to gather ideas, commets and advice in bringing Timor Leste to an advancement

how do you thinkĀ  blogging can affect east timor

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