How will government increase fishing production?

The Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries is targeting to increase fishery production by 22.53 million tons in 2014. This is increase of more than 100 percent compared with fish production in 2010 that reached only 10.82 million tons. Climate change has affected the catch by fishermen so how can the ministry increase fishery production?

Minister of Maritime and Fisheries Fadel Muhammad said an increase in fish production has to meet national consumption needs. “I will optimize fishery farm to increase production nationally,” he said.

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He plans to develop the region to optimize fish production. Some potential areas in the region are Maluku, Papua, Bitung, and Sumatera. In 2010, the government had 116 regional fishery farms. He insists to develop more fishery farms this year.

But Fadel wants to further develop fishery farming because fish production last year was not too good. Fishermen complained because climate change has had an impact on their fish production. The fishermen find it difficult go to fishing because of big waves.

In 2010, fishing production only reached 10,83 million ton or increased 9,82 percent compared to 2009 production with 9,82 million ton. In 2011, the government is targeting to reach 12,26 million tons This will see an increase of 13 percent than the total fish production in 2010. This target is optimistic as changes in the climate is unpredictable compared to last year. Can fishermen catch much fish this season? Or what can the government do to optimiz fish production with climate changes currently experienced?

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