Doing business in Indonesia

The rank of doing business in Indonesia in 2011 slipped from 121 to 115, as reported by the World Bank.

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To start off a business, one needs more than 40 days, Indonesia is now at rank 155, rising from the previous year when they were ranked 159. The year before that, it would take more than 60 days.

Construction permit is at rank 60, registration of property is placed at 98, while getting credit is at rank 116, protecting investors at 44, paying taxes at 130, trading across borders at rank 47, enforcing contracts at 154 and closing business at rank 142.

As a comparison, look at Malaysia. That country being placed at rank 21 this year. The time needed to start off a business is at rank 113, getting credit is apparently at the top rank, meanwhile protecting investor in is at rank 4.

Despite that, Indonesia is noted as the most active country in East Asia and Pacific in conducting reforms in business regulations in order to improve efficiency of regulations that apply, allowing the creation of better business opportunities for both local and international businessmen.

The reformation of easy business is not separated from the implementation of government policy of National Single Window (NSW). Through NSW, the process of getting permit is made easier by letting businessmen to do the registration online through internet without having to meet face to face.

Other than saving time, the implementation of the system also guarantees registration process which is fair without going through the complications of bureaucracy.

Minister of trade Mari Elka Pangestu targets the time taken to start a business to be minimized to just 4 days. “This is an effort to attract more investors to Indonesia,” She said.

What about in your country, guys? 

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