Doing Business in Vanuatu

Doing Business In Vanuatu

Jonas Cullwick

Vanuatu is ranked number 60 on the World Bank ranking for ease of doing business in countries around the world in 2011, down one place from 59 last year.

But  according to the statistics from the World Bank businesses in Vanuatu find it harder to trade and export their products overseas compared to those in Fiji. The World Bank ranks Vanuatu at 142 on trading across borders while Fiji is ranked 103.

On how easy it is to start a business, the two countries are about the same with Fiji ranked 103 and  Vanuatu 4 points down at 107.

However, it is more than twice as easy to close a business in Vanuatu at 50 than in Fiji ranked 117. The reason for this Dionisia might be able to fill us in on.

Dealing with construction permits is also easier in Vanuatu ranked 21 to Fiji 58.

However, it is twice as easy to register a company in Fiji at rank number 50 to Vanuatu 108.

It is also twice as easy to get credit assistance in Fiji to Vanuatu, and investors are also better protected in Fiji than in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu, 19 is ranked just a few points better than Fiji, 22 on paying taxes, but Fiji’s ranking of 63 on enforcing contracts is better than Vanuatu’s on 76.

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  1. Dionisia Tabureguci

    Thanks Jonas.

    According to these data, in Vanuatu it takes 2.6 years for an investor to close his business compared to 1.8 years in Fiji.

    This process may cost up to 38 percent of his estate, the same for Fiji.

    But I think the biggest difference is that in Vanuatu, investors have more chance of recovering their money (out of every dollar lost, he can recover 42.7 cents) while in Fiji, the data says he can recover only 20.5 cents out of every dollar lost.

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