Mobile Journalism may come in handy

Provided with the latest technology in the market at present will come in very handy for a journalist like myself.

Mobile journalism

by Samuel Toposona myself.

I am simply referring to iPhones and iPads and the list goes on.

I only came to learn of this new technology following a five-week training by the Asia Pacific Journalism Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Well I guess most people would have some knowledge of this, but I found it very helpful and at the same interesting.

And of course, the other nine of my colleagues from Solomon Islands, PNG, Fiji, Vanuatu, Timor-Leste, West Papua and Indonesia would also agree with me.

Picture by Samuel Toposona

With the assistance of our mentor Renee Barnes we were able to cover blogging and mobile journalism.

Pictured on right is Renee Barnes a lecturer in journalism teaching mobile journalism to Asia Pacifice journalists.

In deed we all found this knowledge a very invaluable asset towards our line of duty as journalists in our respective countries.

We were told such technology was useful when journalists are unable, at some stage to be present on site when its “breaking news”.

Don’t you think this is a very reliable means of getting much needed information across to our audiences with very limited time on our hands?

I believe with the essense of time, we are out there to ensure we engage our audience with the best possible means of technology at the palm of our fingers.

Participants of APJC Fellowship going through mobile journalism with Renee Barnes (standing centre in blue) and APJC staff Alex Kennedy on right and Putri on left .

I was told apart from the current iPhone by AppleMac, Google is coming up with a very similar concept at a very much cheaper and affordable price.

What do you think of this technology?

Perhaps you might like to share a similar stories how this technology is useful in your community.

This picture on the left was a picture which was taken by Samuel Toposona, who also happened to be one of the participants during this five-week training with APJC Fellowship in Melbourne,Australia.

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