“We need each other”

“This is the third time we are asked this…why is it so important that we have to be pestered about this, this so many times?….bloody hell!”

Good gracious, I could not believe I was for a moment, losing my cool, after four weeks of such a wonderful experience of learning and sharing.

“Control yourself”, I found myself saying to myself, “you are the most senior in the group and the other members of the group could be looking to you for leadership, direction, and even inspiration.”

The above was the most regrettable reaction at the lobby of the Ibis hotel in Sydney I would rather forget.

It was a reaction to the third or so time of being asked to read the ABC’s Work Ethics and Code of Conduct documents.

Walter Nalangu, Standing (l), me (standing 2nd from r) and Dorah (sitting l) with three of the 8 staff members of the Tok Pisin service of Radio Australia at their office.

One of the two kind and thoroughly helpful ladies who accompanied us on visits to Canberra and Sydney reminded those of us in the radio group who were down to do professional attachments with the ABC offices in Southbank, Melbourne to remember to read the two documents before the following week’s attachment with the ABC.

She was only doing her job of helping our “learning and sharing experiences” of course!

Before the group left Melbourne on the visits, we had individually been asked to read, understand and sign documents from ABC of a similar nature related to this attachment with the organization.

I thought this was a bit “over the top” because I had never come across this somewhat ‘stringent’ requirement before.

Anyhow, I went on to read the documents and to my surprise found them very interesting and very useful.

I was utterly ashamed! I recalled the bewildered faces of some of the other participants who overheard my brief raving.

I promised myself I would go back to the lady escort and tell her my reaction to the documents after reading them, which I did, and of course prayed to God she did not hear my Ibis hotel lobby outburst.

Well, I suppose I could blame it on something, but I don’t know what.

The contents of the two documents, to me, who has had various contacts with ABC and Radio Australia on various occasions over thirty years of my career with the national broadcaster, VBTC and Radio Vanuatu, clearly showed the organization has had a tremendous growth in the important area of work relations.

In a nutshell, the documents aspired to promote respect and tolerance for one another in the work place!

On the first day of our professional attachment at ABC Radio Australia in Southbank, Melbourne this week when we were again asked to read and sign documents relate to Work Conduct and Ethics.

Next we were shown the exits for emergency and the First Aid kits locations as the first things to do before we settled into the attachment proper.

Later, we sat in to watch programs being aired and joined in editorial meetings.

We met with the Managing Director and other senior officers of the organization.

In all these sessions, the emphasize we saw and heard was on cooperation, consideration for one another’s roles and responsibility and planning in the endeavor to deliver a service for an informed audience in this 21st century.

2 thoughts on ““We need each other”

  1. Catherine Green

    A very intersting read Jonas! I believe I was that lady!

    I would be interested to read a blog post on your return back to work in Vanuatu and how some of these experiences are now impacting you upon reflection.


    1. ngarban Post author

      Thank you Catherine. Yes, sorry, it was you in the mention. But thanks for all your help and understanding. And forgive me, please !!

      The program was an excellent learning cyclone. I still can’t get over it all. Should be soon!!

      Good, I’ll try and blog soon on how I’m settling back in.

      Best wishes.


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