Nadzab market an ideal business for local farmers

Mothers selling fresh produce at NADZAB market. Pic by Samuel Toposona

Situated about forty-five minutes from Lae, the second capital city of Papua New Guinea is a fresh food market called the Nadzab market.

This local market provides a good business and revenue for the local villagers around this area to earn what is enough to sustain their daily needs.

And not only that, the commuting trucking vehicles find it a one-stop to grab a hungry bite or young refreshing thirst

NADZAB fresh food market along stretch of Okuk Highway in Lae, Morobe Province. Pic by Samuel Toposona

quenching coconuts. But the daily running of this market also makes others who use the stretch of the Okuk Highway from the Highlands, Momase and even New Guinea Islands an alternative stop over to buy fresh food and other items as well.

Visitors who call into Lae from the province’s NADZAB Airport or on highway buses will find this an ideal place to grab something to satisfy their hunger once they arrive¬†which is another 10 minutes drive.

Otherwise it’s business as usual for this small but very popular market providing daily services to anyone commuting this part of Papua New Guinea. You won’t miss it! Yes with the consistent rain in Lae, local farmers come to sell their freshly grown vegetables at very affordable prices.

The next time you travel to Lae be sure to look out for the NADZAB market.

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