APJC, New Friends, New Experiences

Differences and Learning

By Yaya

APJC members take a photos together

APJC members take a photos together. Photo by Natalia Gould

Wind blowing, cold weather and raining

Those are the first things that I’ll remember from Melbourne.

On 2 May 2015, I arrived in Melbourne, Australia. It is my first visit to a foreign country. Arrived at 08.20 am, we then left the airport and rest in apartement. On this first day, I just met with my Indonesian participants.

But in the next day, we have more friends from other countries.

It’s exciting as I will be exposed to different languages and cultures, which will be very different experience for me.

I’ve gotnew  friends from Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Timor Leste. And don’t forget, my friends from Indonesia.

We started the classes on Monday and met many speakers with a great experience. I learned many things from them.

Start with Barbara and Dolores, talking about leadership, values, managing conflict and others.

Continue with Nigel, Lisa, Tito and Renee’s. They talked many subjects. Economic and bussines journalism, social contract, using many tools to support our report, learn about mobile journalism and using mobile phone to make wonderful stories. Make a video, recording audio and others.

I’ve put online some materials that we made in the class.

Please check below the link for our presentation. Compare the numbers of health, life expectancy and other things that woman get in differents countries.


APJC The Numbers

And this one, we learn how to using mobile phone recorder and publish it in soundcloud

And the last one we learn on how to make video and edit it by mobile phone. It’s not the best one. I made some mistakes and made a video with  bad quality of sounds. But I still learn.

It was not perfect, but we know, here, in APJC, we learn many things and make us to be better journalists.


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