Koroi Hawkins APJC fellowship: online media education, inspiration and aspirations for the future

Hi, I am Koroi Hawkins is a journalist with eight years of traditional media experience in the Solomon Islands. This is my first video shot using online media techniques ie shot and uploaded from smartphones to youtube, blogged and tweeted. Hurray I am an online Journalist, I can get a job after all traditional media […]

Yalmambirra reflects on identity

This training gets interesting everyday. Today the group led by Project Coordinator for APJC Deborah Muir visited at Charles Sturt University’s Albury campus. Perhaps part of me couldn’t really make the connection when I first read his profile distributed to us the fellows prior to the visit. Then we met Yalmambirra (http://athene.riv.csu.edu.au/~yalmambi/) who reflected on […]

Thanks APJC for my Australian Experience.

  Hallo, Talofa, Bula, Malolelei and Welkam. My name is Koroi Hawkins. I am a Journalist from the Solomon Islands. A tiny country in the South Pacific with just a little over 600,000 people. I was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in an APJC Fellowship on Women Media and Economic Literacy in the Pacific. […]

Self-awareness: A critical start

We spend so much time dwelling on issues and writing about other people’s lives or concerns that it can become a sort of refuge from ourselves. A sort of safe haven not to confront or deal with our individual issues – whether it be professional or personal. So, in the first days of this fellowship on […]

Splashing Experience

Being part of the APJC Fellowship In Melbourne, Australia this month has been great. Exposure, skills and knowledge gained about blogging, twitting and how effective it is for journalists has finally struck. This has been an issue we never value back home but is mostly used by journos overseas. So the new idea will be […]