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A Jakarta-based reporter and working on business and human rights issues predominantly.

Between Nasi Kuning and Black Coal

I sometimes imagine Banjarmasin’s local food whenever I think of my hometown. Nasi Kuning. Soto Banjar. Ketupat and lontong. However, if I were to imagine Banjarmasin as of present, one thing pops at the top of my mind: the damaged environment caused by coal industry.  I found Southern Borneo had been the second largest coal producer in Indonesia; following its close neighbor, Eastern Borneo.

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Insufficient food affecting insecurity

farmer basking in sunset. PHOTO BY HARTANTO

FOOD STOCK is insufficient level and prone to the threat of food insecurity as demands grow.Vice President Boediono said Indonesia is rich in natural resources, but it’s not able to enhance the food productivity to a safe level. Continue reading