Hi, I’m Mark Kayok and I’m one of the 17 journalists¬† participating in the Asia Pacific Journalism Center (APJC) Fellowship Program.

I’m glad to be participating in the group and I have actually absorbed a lot of information over the last couple of days.

APJC is basically about bringing together media personnel in particular journalists from the Asia Pacific Region together and teaching them new knowledge and skills on how to become drivers of change through their profession within their respective media organizations.

More in particular, APJC focus and emphasis on issues affecting women and how women can contribute as agents of change in the development of a country’s economy and through various other development aspects as well.

There are lots of things I Iearnt but the most important thing that inspires me the most is to really know what my values are and for others as well in order to create and strengthen a healthy relationship and to build a conducive working environment for all within my organization.

I also find that under leadership, the Components of Emotional Interlligence especially anger management is crucial in my organization and which is obviously missing from the work place.

I also realized that more needs to be done in terms of reporting about gender equality and empowering women to have a voice and stand up in societies and communities.

In fact back in PNG less prominence or little attention is being given to issues affecting women and frankly, there’s less reporting on issues affecting women.

Technology is another important tool I find is more applicable to my profession.

As a Televison and Radio Journalist, the different types of social media starting from tweeter to instergram, buzzfeed and facebook among others are very important to effectively deliver news and information to the audience.

However the major obsticle in using these apps is the accessibility to the use of internet back in my country.

Hence I’d like to see this is improved in my organization through improved reporting and more program content developed to empower women.

Apart from the APJC Fellowship, Melbourne is the most liveable city to live in but for me its just the cold weather that’s giving me a hard time.

But I hope to overcome the freezing nights and the coldness that’s been bothering me over the last couple of days.

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