People who gets travel a lot will have a lot to tell, especially about their experiences, travelling abroad. Ask someone who travels a abroad and he or she will tell you about it. You can also hear them referring to those experiences, for instance in debates or forums on certain topics of interest.

What I am about to tell you are my own experiences, more especially the lessons I’ve learned since being in Australia for the past two weeks. I am focusing specifically on infrastructure.

Arriving at the Brisbane International Airport on Friday 23rd August, 2013, I checked into one of the Pullman Hotels.

I was supposed to have a Brisbane-Melbourne connection flight that evening but none was available since we arrived late into the evening. The lateness was a result of a technical problem developed by the Solomon Airlines aircraft we boarded at the Honiara International Airport, Solomon Islands.

However, cutting the story short, a well advanced infrastructural system is vital for the development of any country.

Waking up to see the streets of Brisbane, the tall buildings, the sealed roads and rail ways makes me think of the dusty streets of Honiara, where sealed roads could only go far enough and where dirt rough roads are all over.

This teaches me the lesson that an advanced infrastructure system of roads, bridges, airport runways, rail ways, sub-ways and other transport infrastructures are a vital part of development for a country.

Solomon Islands gained its independent state since 1978, but up to now there hasn’t been much work done to improve its transport infrastructural system, and to make things worse, less restriction on transport imports into the country has led to traffic jam problems, unlike in Australia, where both pedestrians, transport owners and providers follow traffic lights.

However, with all these amazing infrastructure, I would be interested in getting to know whether there are also related implications, and what’s the transport laws in Australia like regarding the importation of cars, buses and others.

Below is an example of infrastructure in Australia.