Life-changing experience

Being a young radio journalist, I guess my training in Melbourne is worth it.

The five-week fellowship at the Asia Pacific Journalist Centre did provide the foundation of a life-changing experience.

With focuses on improving business reporting with various guest speakers and specialist media professionals provided an insight into the lives of ten Asia-Pacific media officers.

Professional tour in Canberra

APJC fellows 2011 professional tour at parliament house in Canberra. Picture by Samuel Toposona

Given a professional tour to Australia’s capital Canberra gave a chance for us to see how the federal budget worked and how it would affect lives the Australian people.

A trip of a lifetime, I bet my fellows under this program would agree. Whata would my other fellow media colleagues have to say?

I would certainly want to see my training translate into a meaningful contribution towards the development of my province and country as a whole.

This has indeed been an inspiring and worthwhile trip and would also applaud the APJC in giving us the opportunity to share our experiences and how to enhance them. So with one week of attachment the countdown will leave each fellows a thought to take back from their individual experiences.

At the Garden of Dreams, tour to the National Museum of Australia,Canberra.Picture by Samuel Toposona

Apart from the professional tour a one-week’s attachment will indeed be a bonus for all of us.

Our region is counting on us to make a difference when we call it a day for Australia, particularly Melbourne.

Share with us some of your experiences or similar experiences and how best it has affected your career as a media officer.

Have your say give an insight and perhaps this can be an inspiration to others who may not have the chance of a life time experience.

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