Losing my way, and finding it again

Losing my way in a foreign land like Australia does matter a lot to me.

Oh my God!” This is not happening as I was to go for work experience after spending over five weeks here, since I arrived in Melbourne.

On ABC News set, Sydney

I was trying to make my way to 3CR situated in North Fitzroy a community radio station to take up my work experience and ended up at St Kilda where the tram stops and returns to Melbourne’s central city.

Well for me personally is just another learning experience, in attending the APJC Fellowship.

So how useful will the skills and knowledge I learnt translate into realistic developments?

Business and economic reporting are key areas, where lives of everyday Papua New Guineans and I have an influential position to make a change.

I feel that I now can go back and make a fresh start and also share my experiences with my fellow media-colleagues by running  an in-house workshop.

Christopher Zinn of Choice Magazine

I am grateful to AusAID through APJC, in ensuring I was well looked after in ensuring I got here safely and my entire stay in Australia.

The professional tours in Canberra and Sydney provided us with much comprehensive idea as to how institutions like the World Bank, Asian Devlopment Bank,International Financial Corporation play their roles in seeing developing countries achieve the best outcomes through funded programs.

As captured in the Westlife boyband song, ….so I say a little prayer and hope my dreams would take me there,” it has been a dream come true for me.

It has indeed been an invaluable lifetime experience and well wishes for the next group who are coming up and do hope it will be an interesting topic that will be covered.

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