Missing the mood.

As a Papua New Guinean away from home until after September 16, what will I do?

Papua New Guinea (PNG) will turn 38 years old on the 16th of this month.

The country has been ruled by three external powers since 1884 and finally gaining independence from Australia in 1975.

Each year,celebrations are only getting bigger and better even at times when the country was not performing economically well or with unstable political leaders.

Its the feeling of ‘unity’ that matters most to everyone.

Usually, independence day celebrations in the nation’s capital- Port Moresby starts with a combined church service, followed by flag raising ceremony, national pledge and provincial flag parade.

And ends with colorful cultural performances from the 22 provincials and sporting competitions.

However, since I am here inĀ Brisbane I am hopeful my wantoks have activities planned to mark the event in Australia.

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