Koroi Hawkins APJC fellowship: online media education, inspiration and aspirations for the future

Koroi Hawkins learning the online media ropes...

Koroi Hawkins is new to online Journalism and learning it is both exciting and scary for him.


I am Koroi Hawkins is a journalist with eight years of traditional media experience in the Solomon Islands.

This is my first video shot using online media techniques ie shot and uploaded from smartphones to youtube, blogged and tweeted. Hurray I am an online Journalist, I can get a job after all traditional media dies a natural and inevitable death!

Thanks APJC I am learning so much so fast, I feel truly liberated.

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About Koroi

Currently I am a Freelance Journalist Working out of the Solomon Islands. Before Freelancing I worked for six years with a local Television Station News Room it was called One Television Solomon Islands. Because it was a small station we had to do everything and anything that was required to keep the station and its programs going so I call it my Journalism Degree at the University of HArd Knocks. In the future I hope to work for and International News Organization that covers news in the Pacific. I see myself as a Pacific Island Journalist.

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