Learning from and within APJC

Luganville, Vanuatu Journalist

Rita Bill / Melbourne Central

I had a great time at Melbourne with APJC. The lecturers were all fantastic, and I met some new journalists, reporters, presenters with many different excellent background and experiences.
We’re not only learning and sharing new journalism experiences with this fast world but we’re also helping each other to come up with solutions on how to solve an issue whether within our news room or just being a journalist and also being a female journalist with a lot of cultural barriers.
This is a blessing for me to learn about mobile journalism because I’m now more expose to the world to get my stories and being able to create my own audience and building up my network.
This training encourage me to go back to Vanuatu and create my own audience and being able to pass more information to rural population through mobile journalism. I’m so happy, now I’ve created our local newsletter blog

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