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About Abigail

I am a young female reporter/journalist in PNG. Graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea with a Bachelor degree of Arts-Journalism in 2011 and I have worked for three years now in the main stream media.I am passionate about my job as a media person and I have my eyes always set on improvement everyday.

Experiencing God in Australia

This short video tells of my experience with God while being part of the “Women, Media and Economic Literacy in the Pacific” Fellowship with APJC. Worshiping God in Melbourne with Hillsongs Church was so different to the way we worship back home. Watch the video to hear my experience Link

Finding a leader in Me as a woman

The most important thing i have learnt as a young person, a young woman walking my way into leadership especially in the newsroom is to always find myself in every situation whether it is professional or personal. Building trust within yourself and with all connections around you. Its not just about you, its also about being able to build up good relationships with your surroundings.

APJC link gave me this chance to find myself as a leader by taking me on as a fellow in the Women, Media and Economic Literacy in the Pacific. Being a woman, and a young one too, I have realized while being a fellow on this program that women in my country link are still pinned down by our diverse cultures and traditions. This has slowed down gender equality in my country. While things are little bit slow in the country, it is very vital that women wake up, and rise up in preparations for crucial days coming.

Being a reporter, a journalist with the National newspaper in PNG link I have concluded very recently while in Melbourne that there is so much to achieve for the paper as a journalist in driving women empowerment in PNG. The media is a powerful tool in promoting women leadership and participation in development.

I have also concluded that the most important way for journalists to empower women in the country to be self reliant, and come out more and participate as equal development participants in PNG is to trust themselves as leaders to drive this empowerment. Empowerment will have to start in the newsrooms.

Media has a responsibility to empower  women in PNG to be equal participants in the development of PNG.

The PNG Media has a responsibility to empower women in the country to be equal participants in the development of PNG.