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I'm a Journalist and editor at Business Timor News paper and online from 2010 until now.

My first time in Melbourne


Melbourne’s is a second big city in Australia and  population is made up of people from all over the world. Around 140 cultures are represented, from Victoria’s original Indigenous inhabitants to more recent migrants from Asia and Africa.

On may 2, 2015 I arrived in Melbourne for the first time.  I  came here to attend one month training here supported  by Asian  Pacific Journalism Center.

when arrived in Melbourne i live in Quest  apartment with two friends, one from Solomon Island and one from Papua new Guinea in one room.

The first day i was little confused, I didn’t know how to communicate which two friends because  my English was not so good,   but i try to spoke to made a good friends whit them.

even i have visit  another  country but very difficult for me when in Melbourne because everything  organized and also in Melbourne is a first time to me to came alone.

the weather in Melbourne also very very different from Timor-Leste because very very could every day.

The first   week here we learn about  Leadership, I think this lesson is very important for us to prepare for the feature if we become a leader.

Two instructor Dolores Cummins and Barbara Baike give us a lot of experience and skills about how to become a good leader.