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PNG village built sea wall

One of many PNG maritime villages facing threats of sea level rise. Pic by: Sven Rudolf Jan

by Anisah Issimel, NBC News, PNG 

A rural village on the northern maritime province of Madang in Papua New Guinea has embarked on a small project to build a sea wall in a bid to save its shorelines from constant sea battering.

Riwo Village, with a population of just over two thousand people, has lost a large portion of its shoreline in the last five years to sea weathering and the rising sea level.

The idea to build the sea wall was an initiative of the local village leaders in light of the ongoing effects of climate change.

The leaders had initially raised the idea with their provincial governor, James Gau, requesting financial assistance to build the wall, and so far had recieved 100 thousand kina from the PNG Government to help them.

The villagers had since completed part of the wall but will need further financial assistance to complete the entire project.