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Villagers in Fiji affected by Climate Change

Fiji known as “Paradise in the middle of the deep blue sea” made up of 322 islands and 522 islets is like many countries in the Pacific facing the implications of climate change in a big way.

So the Government for a population of just over 800,000 people is trying its best to raise awareness on the subject as communties that heavily rely on agriculture experience the serious reality of climate change.

Climate change adaptation and food security project coordinator Doctor Jimaima Lako willingly shared some light recently on the subject to The Fiji Times.

She says on Totoya in the Lau Group alone there a lot of coastal degradation, while rivers were becoming shallow due to constant flooding.

The situation was so bad in Ketei Village that families have been forced to create outlets in their homes to channel floodwater out whenever it rains.

She said there were so many factors to consider when talking climate change which includes the causes and effects.

Sea level rise, Marwa Morgan

It is obvious that implications of climate change does not happen overnight and the lack of understanding often adds to the drastic effects to the environment and sustainable livelihood and development of communities.