Internet essential for information sharing in PNG

Papua New Guinea is considered the largest country in the South Pacific Islands region with over six million people.

image by Lance and Erin

With an extensive land mass  in the region Papua New Guinea, access to information is a challenge for the average Papua New Guinean.

Despite technology introduced in most urban cities and towns, people living in the rugged and terrain areas still miss out in accessing internet services in PNG.

So really what are ways there for such modern services that can be improved our rural communities?

With so much improvement over the years, companies as the Pacific Mobile Communications company has set the the way forward to providing  mobile phone system and internet gateway since 1995.

Not all individuals would have access to such services while the rest are left out.

What can be done for a  Papua New Guinean in a rural affected with very limited access to internet services?

6 thoughts on “Internet essential for information sharing in PNG

    1. jtoposona Post author

      there is so much involved in the multi-billion kina project. most importantly the foundation of project site has to commence.
      with the availbility of different mediums in the mainstream media provides essential information for a start.
      but definitely a must for internet access in rural areas.

  1. dorahgawi

    The boad band project is yet to be set up, and hopefully it’s aim to improve the telecommunications network goes beyond just servicing the LNG impact sites and reach into other areas as well.

    But thanks for reminding me to check on the progress so far of the broad band deefiji.

    1. jtoposona Post author

      Thanks. Wish you well on your next assignment Dora. Communication is in deed a vital tool in seeing that information translates into the lives of our people. Over to the decision makers.

  2. jtoposona Post author

    A must for our leaders to ensure that the decisions they make are of people-oriented and in the best interest of their respect countries including PNG.

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