Rising fuel prices heavy on the pocket.

Feeling the pinch of the rising cost of fuel prices?

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Along with it comes the rise in basic commodities like rice, tinned fish and many of the staples that many, i believe are stuggling to purchase, especially in our districts.

The government continues to reassure us that life will get alot easier, but believe it or not, it doesn’t change much, because fuel will continue to rise, which means transportion costs will shoot up as well, which means you fork out more from your pocket for food, clothing and other necessacities.

Owners of Public transpotation in Port Moresby are already demanding a rise in fares for this year from 80 toea to a kina, and there is a likely chance that the Independent Consumer Competition (ICCC) may approve.

How are you faced with the rise in fuel prices in your area?

2 thoughts on “Rising fuel prices heavy on the pocket.

  1. jtoposona

    Definitely need for the hike in services rendered to the public. On top of that old PMV seats should be changed to compensate for the addition fees charged.

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