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Keep existing, Keep Blogging!!!

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Blogging!!! In Bahasa, we called ‘ngeblog’.

It isn’t something new in Indonesia. Since 2000, some people have created some blogs.

Enda Nasution, was mentioned as a people who started blogging world in Indonesia. He was then known as  Bapak Blogger Indonesia (The Father of Indonesia Blogger).

Alongside with the advancement of the times, the blogging world started to familiarize within the society. This relates to the democratic advancement in our country that leads to people pouring out their thoughts freely.

Through blog, one can freely pour out their thoughts, ideas and opinion to the whole world, without being chained to his personal fears.

There are plenty that we can share through blogs. Ranging from actual problems that are hot between the mass media to one’s own opinion on those problems, reflection of the journey of life to one’s own travel experiences.

For point number one and two, the presence of blog clarifies that one does not necessarily need to be a journalist to be able to write a news story or to drop a comment.

For the next point, blog definitely can serve as a personal diary that records all of our journeys. If a personal diary is meant to be read only by the writer, through blog we can share the record of our journey with everyone.

Who knows, perhaps your blog could be flooded with visits from people keen to learn on travel tips or merely to read on your experience.

There is one thing that is as important.

Besides serving as a place to post all of our writings, a blog can actually measure one’s existence in his community. It also shows how aware one is in observing the issues that surround us.

The more one blogs, his name would spread further. Who knows, perhaps in the future one can be a blogger, following the steps of Enda, who pockets plenty of Rupiah from his hobby.

What kind of benefit would you like to gain from blogging?

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