Have you done your action plans?

It’s been a month since the last time I wrote  this blog. Its not because I am very lazy to share something  for all of you, but my occupation prevents me to write.

I know you feel the same thing. After coming back from the six months short course, of course, our company demanded us more. Many people expect our training result.

My colleagues and my boss are wondering, is there any positive impact after  the short course?

It is impossible for our company to give permission for six weeks without any result.

This is the main reason why i haven’t visited this blog. This is the moment where i have to prove something to my company and people who have given me permission.

So, once again, I am so sorry!

But, I already did one of three action plans as I wrote before John Wallace delivered the short course.

I have already held a short training in my office with some of junior reporters explaining our courthouse in Australia. One of my editors accompanied me. This training lasted for two hours with ten attendees.

Many questions occurred on the training and i explained all the material that i had known during my short time in Melbourne. I feel very delighted for having the opportunity to share all my experiences.

As you know, i experienced an extraordinary change after the short course. My writing skill has developed and now i am able to present more responsible news.

How about yours?  Have you done your action plans? Share, please…

4 thoughts on “Have you done your action plans?

  1. Jonas Cullwick

    That’s interesting Maria that your bosses and the company expects that much from those who have the privilege to receive such training opportunities. Anyhow, well done for the obvious progress you’re making already. Keep it up!

  2. jtoposona

    Well good for you Maria. Am pleased to read and learn of your progress after the six weeks fellowship. As for myself I have now changed my employment and joined Dora and am still working with her at Lae Office. I have since been writing alot of business stories and yes action plans were part of my daily routine reporting to FM 100 office on a daily basis each morning. I feel that the training has greatly improved my presentation and much on business aspect of presenting stories for a industrial city like Lae which is the money-making province for PNG. All the best in all that you all aspire to achieve. Keep up the spirit APJC 2011 fellows!!

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