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What’s the hottest issue in your country now?

Hi Guys,

I just want to share about one of the hottest issue in my country…

Last month, Australia suspended live cattle export to Indonesia. It is because the TV documentary showed steers being wiped, beaten and slashed repeatedly in Indonesia abattoirs.

First, Australia decided to suspend for 6 months, but yesterday
Australia has lifted the suspension.

It is a good news not only for Indonesia but also Australia.

Indonesia is a big market for Australia. 60% of export Australia goes to Indonesia.

Thus, when Australia decided to ban cattle export, many people just said, “Calm down. we need each other, right?”

This is happening now. It hasn’t been six months and the cattle trade is opened again.

Apart from that, Indonesia decides to make a big changing on abattoirs.

So, what’s the hottest issue in your country now, guys? Share please…

Fishing industry in Indonesia, a maritime country…

Quite the ironic fact…

Indonesia, a  maritime country with such massive potential of fishery, records that the consumption of fish in the country is only 23 kilograms per capita per year.

From that data, we can gather that the fish consumption in Indonesia is less than 7 million tonnes per year.

Unlike Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, the consumption of these three countries have exceeded 40 kilograms per capita per year.

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Doing business in Indonesia

The rank of doing business in Indonesia in 2011 slipped from 121 to 115, as reported by the World Bank.

Pictured by huntz

To start off a business, one needs more than 40 days, Indonesia is now at rank 155, rising from the previous year when they were ranked 159. The year before that, it would take more than 60 days.

Construction permit is at rank 60, registration of property is placed at 98, while getting credit is at rank 116, protecting investors at 44, paying taxes at 130, trading across borders at rank 47, enforcing contracts at 154 and closing business at rank 142.

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