FM 100 launched in Finschaffen

Communication plays a very vital role in the delivery of information to most people. And this was the case when FM 100 launched

Rodger Hau’Ofa giving a live talk prominent figure at Finschaffen during launch of FM 100.3 signal and district projects. Pic by Samuel Toposona.

its 100.3 radio signal in Finschaffen District of Morobe Province.

This part of Papua New Guinea was fortunate to benefit through the District Services Improvement Program under the leadership of its current member Theodore Zurenuoc.

Well not to mention the journey it took there was a little of a rough and tumble but got there in time with a traditional welcome by the local performing dance group.

Working in this part of PNG and being the biggest province requires some effort and means to getting through very difficult geographical landmarks.

I was fortunate to accompany prominent radio talkback host on FM 100 Rodger Hau’Ofa who has been there for over twenty years. Its once in lifetime chance to have the opportunity while the launch coincided with the rest of the district project launching.

A live talkback signal was another highlight of my journey but it was well paid off to know that what we broadcast would now be beneficial to this part of the larger audience that I share information with.

FM 100 has also change its focus into doing more programs for the benefit of its listeners right throughout Papua New Guinea. This radio station is the commercial entity of the state but also aims to educate and inform people.

Part of the official delegation to Finschaffen infront of the FM 100.3 bill board. pic by Samuel Toposona

How about your area? What is the most effective means to reaching a wider audience? I would really love to hear about it and perhaps share a little experience as to how effective media is working in your area ( province or city).

Without information most people are unaware of what is happening and if the government is coming to their plight in bringing much needed basic services as health, education and infrastructure.

You know media through three of these main mediums like radio, television and newspaper but from my view radio plays a very crucial role in reaching right into the remotest area.

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