Cement roads for Lae

Talking about what’s hot in PNG! Well of course there are so many issues that are hot or becoming the talk of the day in the country.

For my case, the issue of roads in Lae City is currently the “hot” issue. Mind you the province is currently undergoing a major road rehabilitation transformation. Yes! A mouthful of words to put it.

Contract workers of Shorncliffe working on a road section in Lae City between BSP Bank and Papindo store. Shorncliffe is a road contract company also working on concrete roads in Lae.

It has always been the norm, everytime a visitor calls into Lae, this is the usual phrase they would use, ‘Oh dear not this pot hole city again. When are the roads going to be fixed?’ Well this is about to change.

Morobe Provincial Government has been given funding assistance of two hundred million kina to rehabilitate roads in the city. Yes, pothole days are gone while believe or not, cement roads are here to stay. Hopefully forever!

This new technology was adapted from South Korea and hope it works wonders in stopping people from criticising the government heads in their slow attempt to fixing them.

Well good news for road users, but another problem has also sparked while the road rehab is going traffic is now congested most days. Currently the project is into its second phase of fixing.

Apart from the business traffic this part of the city plays a very crucial role in the running of businesses in the city. This is a major industry province for PNG and most businesses were affected one way or the other in terms of moving along with the heavy traffic each day.

And for those who are not feeling like coming into Lae, it would be good to get a feed back the next time you call into the city and experience the ride of a lifetime on “cement roads.”

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