Water shortage affecting Samoa

Samoa has been experiencing a shortage of water as rainfall expected in the months of September and October did not arrive as expected. During those months the Samoa Water Authorityhas been carting water to the remote villages  of Se’ese’e, Lepa and Saleapaga.

Water rationing has also been allocated to different areas of the country at certain hours throughout the day. Urban Manager of Samoa Water Auhority Ekiumen Fauolo says, ” There has been a bit of an improvement with a few showers in the last couple of days but it is still important to conserve water as reasonable rainfall is yet to be expected this month.”

Water shortage in Samoa Photo by : Alex(inyoureyes)

Farmers who had also been concerned about their crops are relieved as there were concerns of drought occuring if there was still no rainfall over the next few months. The government agriculture plantation at Nuu though are secure as they have their own irrigation systems n place.

There have also been calls to help out neigbouring  Tokelau as they have declared a a drought related state of emergency.

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