What APJC’s Fellowship Has Enhanced For Me

My experience here in Melbourne, VIC, Australia has actually been very enjoyable and I have learnt so much from these few weeks of the fellowship so far.


The first week of the fellowship has been very interesting and I have enjoyed what leadership Experts Barbara Baikie and Dolores Cummins have shared with us.

I have also been so inspired by Barbara and Dolores and so much admiration of their skills on Leadership enhancing and the book they have written – ‘Altitude’.


Dolores Cummins      bb

Dolores Cummins (Right) and Barbara Baikie (Left)


The second week of has also been very interesting and I have learnt so much from sessions Nigel McCarthy a Senior Journalist (Business Journalism Instructor) has had with us. I now have a lot of understanding on how to go about Economic/Finance/Business News.


Nigel McCarthy (Second From LEFT)



I have also had so much fun with Lisa Gye, Renee Barnes and Tito Ambyo through our Digital Journalism sessions and I have gained so many ways of getting to use digital media as an essential tool as a Journalist.

Renee Barnes

Renee Barnes


Lisa Gye


Lisa Gye


Tito Ambyo

Tito Ambyo

HERE ARE SOME OF THE FUN STUFF WE HAVE LEARNT through our Digital Journalism Sessions

  • I have learnt how to use audio applications that let me edit and upload recordings to SoundCloud through Trials such as the one I have put up here.

  • I have also learnt how to use an application called KineMaster that lets me take videos and overlays and editing them on a phone before uploading to YouTube.



I have learnt so much so far, and I very much appreciate all the amount of expertise and help that has been given to us, and i look forward to learning so much more toward enhancing my skills as a very young Journalist from a Developing country in the Pacific – Solomon Islands.

I have compiled many summaries of each daily session and will definitely use them as future references and take back what I have learnt back home as well.

We still have a couple of weeks to go and I am again very much looking forward to meeting more Experts and Instructors in the coming weeks. 

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