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I like travelling and football. I am very interested in writing on the environment, women, history, and economics. The all of the issues are interconnected.

Saturday Night in Melbourne

This my first time in Australia, and especially in Melbourne. I was in Melbourne because  I got a fellowship for following APJC Program with the other participants from Indonesia. Melbourne is awesome city. When i arrived here, the weather was very cold. We arrived on Saturday morning, from Jakarta, and stayed on Quest Finlay Apartment, on Lygoon Street.

In front of our Apartment, i saw many restaurants in a row. The restaurants sell off many kinds of food, such as; Pizza, Spagheti, and many more. Obviously, the people usually call this place the “Little Italy”.

On Saturday night, i walked around Lygoon Street. I saw many people here to celebrate saturday night while drinking wine with their partners.  It’s a good view for me. In my place at Gorontalo Province, Indonesia, i never saw events like this.

Not far from restaurant, i walked in the park. This is a green open space. I sat there with my friend from Aceh, Makmur Dimila. We discussed and compared about Saturday night in Melbourne and our places. Of course, it’s very different. And i think, i like my first time spending Saturday night in Melbourne.