Saturday Night in Melbourne

This my first time in Australia, and especially in Melbourne. I was in Melbourne because  I got a fellowship for following APJC Program with the other participants from Indonesia. Melbourne is awesome city. When i arrived here, the weather was very cold. We arrived on Saturday morning, from Jakarta, and stayed on Quest Finlay Apartment, on Lygoon Street.

In front of our Apartment, i saw many restaurants in a row. The restaurants sell off many kinds of food, such as; Pizza, Spagheti, and many more. Obviously, the people usually call this place the “Little Italy”.

On Saturday night, i walked around Lygoon Street. I saw many people here to celebrate saturday night while drinking wine with their partners.  It’s a good view for me. In my place at Gorontalo Province, Indonesia, i never saw events like this.

Not far from restaurant, i walked in the park. This is a green open space. I sat there with my friend from Aceh, Makmur Dimila. We discussed and compared about Saturday night in Melbourne and our places. Of course, it’s very different. And i think, i like my first time spending Saturday night in Melbourne.


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