Why Blog?

What is the most effective way to share information with people now? Is it the publication of newspaper. Ehm.., well it does not matter which form of medium we use. But in convergence media from paper to digital media, newspaper is limited to share information to world. Right now the era for digital media like creating a site or blog spot and word press will come in very handy.

Mobile journalism is not really new in the world. But for me, this is a new skill where I can upload stories and photos in the blog. I got to practice this skill when attending a program on reporting economic and business life on community in Asia Pacific Journalism Center (APJC). Rene Barnes who is the lecture for media journalism at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University teaches us in last week.

The essence for this skill is journalist have write and publication stories in the internet. This means is journalist have easy to publish any kind of issues such economic, politics, and socials. This mean is everybody can read information form website in laptop or mobile phone.

Publication stories in the internet is challenging because we are perhaps helping people to understand issues in the world. On the other side, the public are strengthened from criticism government.

How can this skill be useful for me and my colleagues? This will help my job as a journalist to publish information in the internet. I am happy if I can share the skill to my colleagues back in my office. But as a person given this chance with APJC, I was thinking it might be useful for them as well. I personally believe that a country with a good media will develop properly.

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