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Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market was established in 1878. This year, the traditional market in the City of Melbourne is 133 years old. This market is traditionally called not only because it is already present through the number of generations, but commodity vegetables that are sold openly on display at the stall. Just vegetables market in the Market Manggarai, South Jakarta.

Traditional Market Queen Victoria is clean. Traded goods is set refers to a block ranging from vegetables, meat, fish, cooking ingredients ready to cook, home accessories, and clothing. The traditional market is combines with food and clothing sales. This place is located at the corner of Queen Street, Victoria Street and Peel Street in Melbourne.

This place can be reached by the three various transportation public such as trams, trains, and buses. Generally people here tram ride from the station and stopped at La Trobe Elisabeth Street. Tourists visiting the city bus terminal down at number eight. The availability of this facility allows residents to shop in the city of Queen Victoria.

Traditional markets here are not comparable with Grass Market or Pasar Tanah Abang. Perhaps the history of settlement and development of Melbourne and Jakarta are very different so it is difficult to make traditional markets orderly. The urban population growth affect to the structural arrangement of the city in Melbourne. Need extra work and planning by accurately managing the city’s population to reach 7 million people such as in Jakarta.

Food prices quite expensive compared with similar commodities in traditional markets in Jakarta. Call For example, Thailand and Australia rice sells for AUS $ 4.5 per kilogram, equivalent Rp39.600 per kg, chicken meat AUS $ 7 per kg, and cassava AUS $ 3 per kg.

The Queen Victoria Market has setup by conditioning thematically, for example, before Easter this April. Various festivals were held and a number of specific organic vegetables is highlighted, such as telecommunication, corn, and cauliflower. This is indeed one of the campaign manager of Queen Victoria was developed.

Victoria Market is only open at 09:00 to 16:00 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 06:00 to 14:00. On Friday and Saturday, this market opens at 6:00 a.m. to 17:00 and 06:00 to 15:00. Hours open market only eight hours and no shift merchants. Schedule open in this markets is exactly traditional markets in Manggarai.

No other traditional markets or supermarkets selling vegetables at a radius of 2 km and even more than Queen Victoria. Obviously did not look fierce competition between traditional and mini market manager in this place.

Why Blog?

What is the most effective way to share information with people now? Is it the publication of newspaper. Ehm.., well it does not matter which form of medium we use. But in convergence media from paper to digital media, newspaper is limited to share information to world. Right now the era for digital media like creating a site or blog spot and word press will come in very handy.

Mobile journalism is not really new in the world. But for me, this is a new skill where I can upload stories and photos in the blog. I got to practice this skill when attending a program on reporting economic and business life on community in Asia Pacific Journalism Center (APJC). Rene Barnes who is the lecture for media journalism at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University teaches us in last week.

The essence for this skill is journalist have write and publication stories in the internet. This means is journalist have easy to publish any kind of issues such economic, politics, and socials. This mean is everybody can read information form website in laptop or mobile phone.

Publication stories in the internet is challenging because we are perhaps helping people to understand issues in the world. On the other side, the public are strengthened from criticism government.

How can this skill be useful for me and my colleagues? This will help my job as a journalist to publish information in the internet. I am happy if I can share the skill to my colleagues back in my office. But as a person given this chance with APJC, I was thinking it might be useful for them as well. I personally believe that a country with a good media will develop properly.

Where I went and who I met on my second day in Geelong

Ford Factory in Geelong. This was the place where I went at 10.00 am. Tony Abott, the opposition party leader came to the Ford factory. This was part his political agenda to gain sympathy from the Australian public.

Setyo Budi, Alfonsa and I companied Cameron Best, senior reporter of BendigoAdvertiser, to the media conference. Alison, acting chief of staff assigned us yesterday. This assignment was important to me, as we could observe how journalist covered issues in a media conference in Geelong.

Abott, who walks like a cowboy criticized the government on its carbon tax policy. This was continuing of his response about the national budget 2011. According him, carbon tax will clean Australians’ money and will not not clean the atmosphere.

He also came to Geelong Advertiser office to have one on one interview with Cameron Best. We were in the same room to observer the interview process. As overseas journalists it was very interesting.

What is it like to be attached to the oldest newspaper in Victoria?

Did you know that Geelong Advertiser is the oldest newspaper in Victoria? It was established in 1840. The first edition was printed on 21 November 1840. The founder of Geelong Advertiser is John Pascoe

Alfonsa and I (both are Indonesian journalists) had a chance to visit newspaper as part our fellowship’s assignment from 16 to 18 May 2011. We were accompanied by Setyo Budi who worked as our translator. On the first day, we met Greg Dundas, Chief of Staff for the newspaper. He told a brief history about the newspaper.

This newspaper is owned News Limited, a media company that also owns national and local newspapers as The Australian, Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph and The Courier Mail and Sky cable television in Australia. Geelong Advertiser also publishes free weekly bulletins: Geelong News and Echo. Every day it Geelong Advertiser prints 35.000-45.000 copies.

During the attachment we sat in conference meetings that were held at 2.30pm every day. The meetings were held to discuss the lay out and articles that would be included in the following day edition. The meetings were effective; it took about one hour. In these meetings, editors brought a mock up newspaper lay out, that was used to plan the layout of the following day’s edition.

The Rank in Doing Business can Probably Improve

Indonesia has a big room for improvement in doing business in East Asia this year. Indonesia is still in rank 155, compared to Vietnam which is in rank 100 for doing business in the world. As a new emerging market in Asia, getting a higher rank would help to grow the domestic economy in the future.

Investment Coordinating Board of Republic of Indonesia

Based on Doing Business 2011, Indonesia ranks above the 100 line. This means that doing business in Indonesia is quite hard as compared to Vietnam of South East Asia region. Some indicators that government needs to improve are easing the dealing of construction permits, registering property, getting credit and protecting investors.

Investors need four days and it will cost them IDR200.000 to complete the form on their company details with the Ministry of Law and Rights. To notarize the company document, four days is needed in its completion with cost of IDR2,5 million. Registration of company with the Ministry of Trade takes 15 days with cost of IDR500.000.

In Vietnam, the investor needs 14 days to check the proposed company name. Making the company seal takes 6 days and registration of sea sample will take 4 days at the Department of Police. Registration for trade union takes about 7 days. Total time to complete a business registration in Vietnam takes 53 days, 6 days faster compared to Indonesia which takes 59 days.


The rank of doing business in Vietnam has improved this year compared to 2010. Vietnam was at 114 last year, jumping to rank 100 in 2011. Indonesia should be able to improve to 154 at least, seeing how it had improved 4 ranks from last year.

Indonesia can probably fix some indicators in doing business to get a higher rank through efforts of shortening registration time in Ministry on Manpower and Ministry of Trade.

How will government increase fishing production?

The Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries is targeting to increase fishery production by 22.53 million tons in 2014. This is increase of more than 100 percent compared with fish production in 2010 that reached only 10.82 million tons. Climate change has affected the catch by fishermen so how can the ministry increase fishery production?

Minister of Maritime and Fisheries Fadel Muhammad said an increase in fish production has to meet national consumption needs. “I will optimize fishery farm to increase production nationally,” he said.

arsip berita

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How journalist Indonesia challenge now?

Social journalism in Indonesia have been popular since a couple of years ago. Some journalist have their personal blog to post their opinion just about anything to issues in Indonesia. For example Luther Kembaren. He is journalist cumMy Blogs blogger. The blog was created in 2009 when he was cadet reporter in Jurnal Nasional in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Luther said that blog is an alternative media to publish information to the public. This media allows speedy transmission of information as compared to print media. “Now is the new era where people in the world can acces information from internet,” he said.

Social media may be popular, but just how many journalists in Indonesia blogs today?